Cold Water Surfing
Daniel Månsson

Cold Water Surfing
DATUM 2010-03-15
FÖRFATTARE Daniel Månsson
ISBN 9789163359323
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Tidigare har han porträtterat världens bästa skateboardåkare i den slutsålda debutboken Faces of Skateboarding (2005) och vågsurfingproffs i boken Super (2008). I Cold Water Surf har Daniel fokuserat på det egna hemmabrytet Torö utanför Nynäshamn en plats långt ifrån varma stränder och perfekta vågor men med en helt unik dragningskraft. Sedan 2001 har Daniel dokumenterat platsen och dess s

...mbia, I've had no choice but to embrace the cold; our only decent swells typically arrive in the winter months - so when the water temperature is 8 degrees Celsius (around 46 degrees Fahrenheit) it's not as simple as looking out the window and grabbing your board. You need to be prepared. Cold water surfing usually requires the wearing of neoprene boots, gloves and hoods. Low water temperature wave riders are used to complex pre-surf warm-ups, hot coffees and thick clothing. Staying warm for longer periods of time before a cold water surf session is a key strategy in subnormal weather and maritime conditions. A little cold is no excuse to skip your dose of surf stoke, so here are 7 tips to help make cold water winter surfing more enjoyable. Having spent several years living on the wild and windy cost of North East Scotland (and more recently surfing some glacial-melt river waves in the Alps), I like to think I know a little about cold water. Winter is coming & it's time to get your new...